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New York - Pictures from the tallest buildings

A superb set with pictures from the tallest buildings and above from New York. "Dizzying heights" could be entitled these pictures by which I was totally charmed. But let's start with the first picture, Madison Avenue, a 10 km street which starts in the center of Manhattan and ends in the River Harlem.

In this picture, you can see the famous Harlem. It has earned the fame of the most criminal and dangerous district of New York.

New York - Lower Manhattan and the famous Wall Street.

This is an interchange in the area of the Brooklyn Bridge.

This is Central Park in Manhattan. The park is about 4 kilometers long and about 800 meters wide.

Freedom Tower is the tallest structure in the USA, with its height of 546 meters. The tower was built on the site of the famous Twin Towers, destroyed during the terrorist act of 11 September, 2001.

One of the interesting things about the square is that, despite the enormous number of tourists from all over the planet, the local television channels arrange live shows right from the center of the square. That looks quite cool.

New York - the Brooklyn Bridge

Another pictures from New York

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