sâmbătă, 8 ianuarie 2011

The tallest building

Dubai is proud with another wonder of the world: the tallest building ever built: 828 feet.It is a giant skyscraper of 1.5 billion dollars, which thus becomes the new symbol of the emirate. 
- Construction work started in January 2004; Burj Dubai is ready after 22 million hours of work
- Peak building can be seen in a clear day, from 95 kilometers away;
- The total amount of aluminum used to build the tower equals that used the manufacture of five Airbus A380;
- Concrete used for lifting Burj Dubai could easily cover 2065 km of road;
- Water consumption is estimated at nearly 1 million gallons daily, while the power consumption will amount, in peak periods, with 500,000 bulbs of 100 watts while lit;
 - Burj Dubai has 28,261 panels of glass (installed by 300 specialists).


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